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Mink Dramatic Fullset
Price: $250

Going out for the night? Big event coming up? The Mink Dramatic Full Set is what you need to show up at a party looking glamorous. Our technician applies up to 99% of your natural lashes in order to showcase the full and thickness.

Mink Dramatic Fullset

This is the first set for any newcomer to lash extensions or for those who are just looking to spice up their make-up routine. Once you start lash extensions there is no need for mascara,  lash curler or even in some cases eyeliner.

3D Volume Fullset
Price: $400

For the experienced extension wearer, the 3D Volume Full set is the next step up from the Dramatic Full set. Our master technician will apply 3 individual eyelash extensions to 1 natural lash. While there will be more extensions per lash, one should not worry about the heaviness for their eyes. The type of extension for this particular set is much thinner in comparison to non-Volume set.

Mink Dramatic fill: $69

Mink Sexy fill: $50

Mink 3D Volume fill: $100